There is an article that describes the first steps with Embedded Go. It assumes you use some kind of Unix like operating system (Linux, OS X, *BSD). This article will be updated until we create a more general description here.

We are waiting for any success story on Windows. Please send a link or do a pull reqeust with an article text to the

How to install Go compiler with support for bare-metal programming (in short)

Download embeddedgo/patch repository:

git clone

Download the Go compiler:

git clone goroot

Apply patch and build the Go distribution (takes about 2 minutes):

cd goroot
git checkout go1.16.6
patch -p1 <../patch/go1.16.6
cd src

You can run all.bash instead of make.bash to test the compiler. More information about installing Go from source is available on the Go website.

The alternate (not recommended) way is to clone the embeddedgo/go repository. It contains the latest (unstable) version of the compiler.

git clone goroot
cd goroot/src

Ask questions on Embedded Go Group.